About Providence Insurance

PG50 Health Insurance Mobile AppKnown for offering the highest levels of healthcare insurance consultation and customer care, the Providence Insurance Group has been an industry leader in the South for over thirty years. Our team is based in Atlanta but services the greater metro area with the stated ambition of building truly long lasting relationships with all members of the community. We know that if we can all work together, no one will ever again have to feel the burden of trying to find and get a fair health insurance policy.

Providence Insurance knows that this all has to start with trust. If we can trust each other, our team will better be able to service all of your needs and streamline the health insurance process. At the end of the day, we want to build a strong relationship with you. Only then can we look out for your interests. The Providence Insurance Group is an Atlanta-based group health insurance broker capable of providing the best customer care to Duluth area residents and their families.

Can We Help Duluth Residents?

Providence Insurance is proud to be Atlanta-based. Our roots here are deep, and we’ve watched Duluth grow from a small Atlanta suburb into the one of the metro area’s hottest and fastest growing communities. The huge expansions going on in Atlanta have definitely spread to Duluth, and as a local resident, you personally deserve a health insurance plan that brings Atlanta-sized coverage to even the most modest Duluth family.

Due to economic overspill, Duluth has seen a recent explosion in commercial and industrial opportunities, and many people are starting to flock to the area. With small businesses increasing at such a high rate over the years, there’s little to suggest that development in the Duluth area will stop anytime soon. This makes finding the right health insurance company for you and your business more important than ever. From single families to small companies to all the rest, Providence Insurance truly is ready and willing to help you out any way we can.

How Do I Get Started?

We know how off-putting the process of selecting the right health insurance company can be, but our team at Providence Insurance urges you not to let that discourage you from reaching out to us. If you live in the area, we would love nothing more than to offer you a Duluth health insurance plan, but we need to get to know you first.

By taking a few minutes out of your day and filling out this form, you can set yourself up for life. After completing the form, one of our benefit specialists will then be in touch. Where we go from there is entirely up to you—so get started today!