Kennesaw Group Health Insurance Services

PG50 Health Insurance Mobile AppHome to nearly 30,000 residents, Kennesaw, Georgia is located in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. This city offers residents and visitors many fun attractions to enjoy such as the Six Flags White Waterpark and the Zoo Atlanta Playspace. Ranked as Georgia’s #1 most energetic city, Kennesaw is a fast growing and thriving city, with an increase of 40 percent in its population since 2000. Providence Insurance Group is committed to helping continue this growth and prosperity with quality customer care and services.

The city of Kennesaw is a great place to have and raise children because of its extensive public school system—about 38 percent of its households have children. The city, founded in 1887, is best known for its historic buildings and attractions which can mostly be found in the North Main Street Historic District and the Big Shanty Village Historic District. This charming town is full of cultural and historical value, and Providence Insurance Group is here to fully service all of Kennesaw and continue the preservation and promotion of these values.

A Group Health Insurance Broker in Kennesaw

The primary focus of the Providence Insurance Group is to assist clients in handling and providing health insurance for themselves, their employees and their families. As your group health insurance broker, we believe that receiving and maintaining health insurance should be easy, effective and useful.

You are much more than just an account or set of numbers here at Providence. We sincerely care about your health insurance needs and concerns; that is why we are fully committed to providing you with the best plans customized to all of your needs. In order for us to provide you with the best care, we believe that building and continuing a trusted relationship with you and your company is key for overall success.

Even more, our Group Benefit Services for employers and their employees make choosing and keeping the right plans simple, easy and accessible for you. We implement a four step process to guarantee this:

  1. We define the parameters so that we can understand all of your challenges. This way, we can customize a healthcare plan based on all of your needs.
  2. Next, we study and examine the market to guarantee the most cost efficient plan that fits your budget.
  3. Then, we facilitate a decision by simplifying all options, and we continue to work closely with you to find the best solutions.
  4. Finally, we provide continued maintenance and consultation for renewal and market compatibility.

Here at Providence Insurance Group, we care about the quality and effectiveness of your health insurance plan just as much as you do. Find out how your group health insurance broker Providence Insurance Group can provide you with the best healthcare plans for your Kennesaw business. Be sure to check out our PG50 platform.