Do you own a Marietta business that offers group benefits? From healthcare coverage to dental insurance, companies today are offering their employees more benefits than ever, but navigating federal healthcare regulations can be difficult. To help you find the group policy that works best for you at an unbeatable price, you need a group health consultant with years of proven success. You need Providence Insurance Group.

For nearly four decades, the team at Providence Insurance Group has helped organizations of all sizes search the market for group health plans that maximize coverage and minimize cost. We also specialize in up-to-date consulting services to find the insurance solutions that blend market trends with company-specific goals. Help your Marietta business thrive with Providence’s innovative healthcare solutions.


The Providence Insurance Strategy

Our team of experienced advisors has crafted an industry-leading system to streamline group benefits. Providence Insurance Group is partnered with some of the biggest names in healthcare coverage and these connections give you competitive access to the best services available. Some of our partnered carriers include: Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, Unum, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and many more.

When our advisors examine group health benefits for your company, we take an innovative approach that starts with market research and provides long-term consulting and advice. For all Marietta businesses, we follow this simple process:

  •      Understanding your business needs. We examine the number of eligible employees for the plan, time frames, budgetary concerns, and federal regulations to get a solid benchmark of the organization. This planning phase is paramount in finding successful solutions down the road.
  •      Researching the market. We examine group benefit options from our network of carriers and compare prices, premiums, and other factors that influence the efficacy of your group health plan.
  •      Choosing the right option. After we carefully examine the options that are available to your business, our advisors will hand-select programs that are competitively priced while also maximizing coverage.
  •      Consulting for the future. At Providence Insurance Group, we understand that the healthcare market is constantly changing, as are regulations that come with it. We work with your company for years down the road to ensure that you are continuing to get the most out of the group health plan.


Other Group Services

In addition to our standard group benefits advising, Providence Insurance Group provides advanced technology so that your organization can understand group benefits in-house. Our team provides invaluable access to two sources of information through HR Software and the Compliance Dashboard. With these online tools, your Marietta business can look at your current health plan to meet strategic deadlines and identify potential problems.

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Everyday, healthcare laws are changing and your business needs ensure that the proper documentation is being submitted in order to avoid fines from the HHS and IRS. There’s no better way to optimize your group benefit package than to call Providence Insurance Group, your local solution to employee health coverage. Call us today at (888) 224-3646 for a consultation!

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