What types of group benefits does your business offer to employees? Responsible Norcross businesses offer a wide range of coverage options like health, dental, vision, and short-term disability, but these packages can be financially expensive despite their advantages. Not to mention, overseeing coverage options for hundreds of employees at a time can be a logistical hassle. It’s about time you partnered with Norcross’ leader in affordable group health solutions – Providence Insurance Group.

For more than 35 years, our team of professional benefit advisors has assisted small, medium, and large businesses with their group health coverage. Our team has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to give clients the most affordable and comprehensive plans on the market. Providence Insurance Group also provides strategic consulting services that will help your Norcross business understand and comply with federal healthcare regulations.


The Providence Insurance Difference

Whenever a client selects Providence Insurance, our team develops both long-term and short-term goals to accomplish employee benefit plans. Our specialized healthcare roadmaps are uniquely formatted for each client, their respective industry, and group health challenges. Our advisors work one-on-one with the employer to understand how different coverage options might affect employees. The Providence Insurance process starts with:

  •      Creating a detailed healthcare blueprint for the client. Our professional advisors take dozens of factors into consideration, from the number of employees to duration of the plan, when reviewing future group health options.
  •      Researching current market trends. Using advanced modeling platforms, our team creates a cost-probability matrix that finds the type of coverage option that is perfect for your business.
  •      Choosing the right option. Once we have screened dozens of options from our partnered carriers, we work with the client to find the option that fits budgetary and coverage parameters.
  •      Assist with long-term consulting needs. Group health coverage often lasts for years at a time and businesses need a partner to help with any problems they encounter down the road. Providence Insurance Group provides advisory services long after enrollment begins.

With our proven track record, Providence Insurance Group has been able to partner with the most reliable nationwide carriers to bring group health coverage to your employees. Some of our partnered carriers include: Unum, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, and many more.


Other Group Services

In addition to our consulting and advising services for Norcross businesses, Providence Insurance Group also specializes in providing clients with advanced online tools to monitor the status of their group health plan. These user-friendly tools are designed to streamline the healthcare market and visualize vast amounts of employee data at the click of a button. Our HR Software complements the work of your Human Resources department by allowing both employers and employees to elect different types of coverage and examine up-to-the-minute benefits tracking.

Because federal regulations affect how organizations can engage and maintain a group health plan, we also offer access to our Compliance Dashboard – a simple online tool that give employers information about the documentation, reporting standards, or other information that must be filed to avoid IRS and HHS penalties. This cost-saving feature provides access to all the necessary paperwork so that you can meet healthcare guidelines efficiently.

Contact Us

Providence Health Insurance has been Norcross’ leader in group health service for years and our team is committed to assisting real employers with real healthcare challenges on a daily basis. Our team understands the important and complex nature of group healthcare, so it our mission to assist you with any and every problem you may encounter in your group benefits plan. Contact our team today at (888) 224-3646 for more information about our health insurance consulting.