Providence Welcomes New Team Leader Zach

By March 19, 2015Insurance Updates
Providence Insurance Group is excited to bring on the very newest member of the team, Zach Bertram!Zach Bertram has been in the insurance industry since January 2015. Prior to this, Zach attended Kennesaw State University where he graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and Marketing. After college, he began five years of camp ministry at Camp Highland, which is located in the North Georgia mountains. During his time at Camp Highland, he took on many different roles including that of Marketing Director, where he helped reinvent the camp’s brand and served as first contact for all guests. An avid outdoorsman, Zach enjoyed his time at Camp Highland, but what he enjoyed most about the experience was forming personal relationships with guests. Camp Highland’s mission is to connect kids and adults on a deeper level by meeting them where they are in life. This gives a greater opportunity for authentic relationships to be formed. After leaving Camp Highland, Zach joined the Providence team where he looks forward to continuing the same mission- to create authentic, personal relationships with clients. Zach truly believes that life is about creating meaningful business and personal relationships because everyone desires genuine care and trust. Zach chose to be a Team Lead at Providence Insurance Group because they strive to create deeper relationships that set their company apart from their competitors. Though Zach has just begun his journey at Providence, he has big goals. He hopes to progress within the company by creating lasting relationships with clients and providing trustworthy information in an industry where there is often chaos and confusion.In his spare time, Zach enjoys being outdoors. He likes to mountain bike, rock climb, kayak, backpack and enjoy nature with his girlfriend Emily. He also enjoys taking trips back to Camp Highland as often as possible where he enjoys reconnecting with campers and is passionate about sharing the gospel.


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