Employee benefits like group health, dental, vision, and short-term disability can begin piling up quickly. Not only are there strict guidelines and obligations that you must uphold, but these plans can also be costly. For your Roswell business, it is important that you find a partner that can identify long-term healthcare solutions for your employee benefits plan. At Providence Insurance Group, we do just that, helping employers find cost-effective ways to manage their group health insurance plans.

For nearly four decades, our team of professional group health advisors has found innovative ways to help small, medium, and large businesses in Roswell adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. Federal regulations like the PPACA have dramatically altered the way that employees interact with private health insurance carriers, and sometimes this network of regulations can be difficult to navigate. As your strategic benefits partner, our team will find solutions that uniquely benefit your employees and their families.


The Providence Insurance Plan

What does health insurance mean for your employees? Every company has a different answer to this question and it is our job to combine market realities with employer expectations. Our team of professional group health advisors creates a one-of-a-kind benefit roadmap that will serve as a continuing benchmark to compare results and seek long-term improvements. The Providence Insurance group health blueprint is based on:

  •      Defining your unique business needs. All Roswell businesses have a unique number of employees, coverage goals, and extemporaneous factors that affect the type of group health options that are available. We then create a plan to move forward with our partnered carriers.
  •      Examine market-based group benefit plans. Your business will receive dozens of insurance options from different carriers. Our team will review all of the options available to you and how they differ in price and coverage.
  •      Assist in selecting the right group health plan. We work closely with the client to choose the perfect plan for employee health benefits.
  •      Provide consulting services. Long after an employer enrolls in a group health insurance plan, they need a strategic partner to ensure that deadlines are met, compliance obligations are upheld, and new cost-saving approaches are taken.

The advisors at Providence Insurance Group have valuable partnerships throughout the insurance industry that can offer competitive coverage rates for group health benefits. Some of our most popular carriers include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant, Guardian, Kaiser Permanente, Humana, and Aetna.


Other Group Services

Providence clients have access to some of the industry’s most advanced reporting software. Our Compliance Dashboard is one of the easiest tools to assist your team in determining and following federal regulations about employee healthcare. The program updates your team with timely alerts about deadlines and provides any forms or paperwork you may need to submit to the HHS. This ongoing tool is just one of the many ways that Providence Insurance Group safeguards Roswell employers from IRS and HHS penalties down the road.

In addition, Providence Insurance Group also offers state-of-the-art HR Software to keep your Roswell business in tune with changes in the healthcare industry and employee benefit statuses. Both employers and employees can refer to this software for easy-to-use information about their group health, vision, or dental coverage. Speak with Providence today about streamlining your group health program with one of our advanced online tools.

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At Providence Insurance Group, we are committed to the health of your business, financially and physically. Group health coverage affects real people with real conditions so we take our job seriously. We always provide the highest standard of care and oversight to each and every client. To learn more about our programs, contact Providence Insurance Group today at (888) 224-3646 for a consultation.

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